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Genesis - And Then There Were (vinyl)

A1.Down And Out 5:13A2.Undertow 4:35A3.Ballad Of Big 4:37A4.Snowbound 4:20A5.Burning Rope 6:52B1.Deep In The Motherlode 5:02B2.Many Too Many 3:22B3.Scenes From A Night's Dream 3:21B4.Say It's Alright Joe 4:09B5.The Lady Lies 5:53B6.Follow You Follow Me 3:51
ploča 5-omot 5-

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Genesis - The Lamb Lies On Brodway (vinyl)

A1.The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 4:50A2.Fly On A Windshield 4:55A3.Broadway Melody Of 1974 2:10A4.Cuckoo CocoonA5.In The Cage 8:20A6.The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging 2:45B1.Back In N.Y.C. 5:40B2.Hairless Heart 2:25B3.Counting Out Time 2:25B4.Carpet Crawl 4:55B5.The Chamber Of 32 Doors 5:30C1.Lilywhite Lilith 2:40C2.The Waiting Room 5:25C3.Anyway 3:10C4.Here Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist 2:58C5.The Lamia 6:55C6.Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats 3:05The Colony Of Slippermen (8:00)D1.1.The Arrival D1.2.A Visit To The Doktor D1.3.Raven D2.Ravine 3:20D3.The Light Dies Down On Broadway 3:30D4.Riding The Scree 3:55D5.In The Rapids 2:20D6.It 6:40
Ploče 5-Omot 5-Made In Germany

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Genesis - Live (vinyl)

A1.Watcher Of The Skies 8:10A2.Get 'Em Out By Friday 8:58A3.The Return Of The Giant Hogweed 8:07B1.Musical Box 10:33B2.The Knife 9:12
Ploča 5-Omot 5-Made In Germany

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Elvis Presley - Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits (vinyl)

A1.Heartbreak Hotel 2:06A2.I Was The One 2:30A3.I Want You, I Need You, I Love You 2:37A4.Don't Be Cruel (To A Heart That's True)  2:02A5.Hound Dog 2:17A6.Love Me Tender 2:40B1.Anyway You Want Me 2:12B2.Too Much 2:30B3.Playing For Keeps 2:50B4.I'm All Shook Up 1:58B5.That's When Your Hearteches Begin 3:20B6.Loving You 2:15C1.(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear 1:43C2.Jailhouse Rock 2:30C3.Treat Me Nice 2:11C4.I Beg Of You 1:52C5.Don't 2:48C6.Wear My Ring Around Your Neck 2:15C7.Hard Headen Woman 1:52D1.I Got Stung 1:50D2.A Fool Such As I 2:36D3.A Big Hunk O'Love 2:12D4.Stuck On You 2:17D5.A Mess Of Blue 2:38D6.It's Now Or Never 3:12E1.I Gotta Know 2:14E2.Are You Lonesome To-Night? 3:07E3.Surrender 1:51E4.I Feel So Bad 2:54E5.Little Sister 2:30E6.Can't Help Falling In Love 2:59F1.Rock-A-Hula Baby 1:58F2.Anything That's Part Of You 2:03F3.Good Luck Charm 2:23F4.She's Not You 2:07F5.Return To Sender 2:05F6.Where Do You Come From 2:05F7.One Broken Heart For Sale 1:34G1.You're The Devil In Disguise 2:18G2.Bossa Nova Baby 1:58G3.Kissin' Cousins 2:12G4.Viva Las Vegas 2:17G5.Ain't That Loving You Baby 2:20G6.Wooden Heart 1:58H1.Crying In The Chapel 2:22H2.If I Can Dream 3:08H3.In The Ghetto 2:44H4.Suspicious Minds 4:22H5.Don't Cry Daddy 2:43H6.Kentucky Rain 3:20H7.Elvis Sails (Interviews) 2:50

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The Doors - Morrison Hotel (vinyl)

Hard Rock Cafe A1.Roadhouse Blues 4:04A2.Waiting For The Sun 3:58A3.You Make Me Real 2:50A4.Peace Frog 2:52A5.Blue Sunday 2:08A6.Ship Of Fools 3:06Morrison Hotel B1.Land Ho! 4:08B2.The Spy 4:15B3.Queen Of The Highway 2:47B4.Indian Summer 2:33B5.Maggie M'Gill 4:24

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Mike Oldfield - Crises (vinyl)

A1.Crises 20:40B1.Moonlight Shadow 3:37B2.In High Places 3:33B3.Foreign Affair 3:53B4.Taurus 3 2:25B5.Shadow On The Wall 3:08

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Ray Parker Jr. - Sex And The Single Man (vinyl)

A1.Girls Are More Fun 4:45A2.Good Time Baby 4:37A3.Everybody Wants Someone 4:42A4.I'm A Dog 4:41B1.One Sided Love Affair 3:58B2.Sex And The Single Man.4:19B3.I'm In Love 4:38B4.Men Have Feelings Too 4:28
ploča 5-omot 5-made in usa

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Commodores - Nightshift (vinyl)

A1.Animal Instinct 4:54A2.Nightshift 5:03A3.I Keep Running 4:11A4.Lay Back 5:01B1.Slip Of The Tongue 3:53B2.Play This Record Twice 4:22B3.Janet 3:41B4.The Woman In My Life 3:34B5.Lightin' Up The Night  4:02
Ploča 5-Omot 5-made in germany

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Leo Sayer - Living In A Fantasy (vinyl)

A1.Time Ran Out On You 3:50A2.Where Did We Go Wromg 3:55A3.You Win - I Lose 3:43A4.More Than I Can Say 3:41A5.Millionaire 4:22B1.Once In A While 3:30B2.Living In A Fantasy 4:25B3.She's Not Coming Back.3:50B4.Let Me Know 3:55B5.Only Foolin' 3:40

Ploča 5-Omot 5-made in germany

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Bora Spužić Kvaka - Bora Spužić Kvaka (vinyl)

A1.Zdravo, Zdravo,Imenjače MaliA2.Lepotica I SirotanA3.Nema Pravde U LjubaviA4.Kaži Sinu Da I Ja PostojimA5.Gocino KoloB1.Gde Si Sada, Kako Ti JeB2.UspavankaB3.TajnaB4.Još Ne Sviće Rujna ZoraB5.Ej, Puče Puška

Ploča 5-Omot 5-

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V.A. - Uspesi (vinyl)

A1.Nedeljko Bilkić Sa Orkestrom Novice Negovanovića – Da Li Nekog Ljubiš 4:22A2.Hanka Paldum – Ispijmo Čašu Jednu 4:15A3.Ahmet Bajrić Sa Ansamblom Zorana Pavlovića – Šta Je Mujo, Majci Kaži 3:27A4.Fikret Kujundžić Sa Ansamblom Tomice Miljića – Kad Zemljak Svog Zemljaka Nađe 4:04B1.Slobodan Lalić Sa Ansamblom Tomice Miljića – Opet Sam Ovdje 4:31B2.Azemina Grbić – Volim Te, Volim 4:45B3.Safet Isović – Zarasle Su Staze Moje 4:22B4.Bahrija Puzić Sa Ansamblom Ace Krnjevca – Rastanak 4:39

Ploča 5-Omot 4+

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Zoran Jovanović - Zalazak sunca u oktobru (vinyl)

A1.Zalazak Sunca U Oktobru 3:32A2.Vrati Se Sinu, Ako Nećeš Meni 3:58A3.Alal Ti Vera, Devojčice 2:12A4.Plava Ženo 3:30A5.Primi Ružu Pomirenja 4:00B1.Momak Vrag 3:01B2.Veruj Mi 3:00B3.Rasti, Rasti, Ruzmarine 3:28B4.Pomalo Sam Ljubomoran 3:14
Ploča 5-Omot 5-

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Eyesburn - Solid (vinyl)

A1.Ras A2.Material A3.Agony A4.All Right A5.SoyaA6.Shine A7.Solid B1.Our Time B2.Eat the Ground B3.LyricalB4.War to Dem MediaB5.Let Dem PrayB6.Poorman's Cry

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Ritam Nereda - Breaking (vinyl)

A1.WAB 3:29A2.Sama 3:08A3.Put Beznađa 3:59A4.Riot 2:27A5.Boje Se 3:23A6.Go Away 4:36B1.Hey 3:31B2.Samo Svoj 3:36B3.Devojka U Crnom 2:59B4.Nikad Više 2:14B5.Gradska Deca 2:44B6.Nije Kraj 1:38B7.S Druge Strane Zakona 3:38

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Iggy Pop - Every Loser (vinyl)

A1.FrenzyA2.Strung Out JohnnyA3.New AtlantisA4.Modern Day Rip-OffA5.Morning ShowB1.The News For AndyB2.Neo PunkB3.All The Way DownB4.CommentsB5.My Animous InterludeB6.The Regency

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Warren Zevon - The Best Of (vinyl)

A1.Werewolves Of LondonA2.Play It All Night LongA3.Roland The Headless Thompson GunnerA4.The EnvoyA5.Mohammed's RadioA6.Desperados Under The EavesB1.I'll Sleep When I'm DeadB2.Lawyers, Guns And MoneyB3.Ain't That Pretty At AllB4.Poor Poor Pitiful MeB5.Accidentally Like A MartyrB6.Looking For The Next Best Thing

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ZZ Top - Eliminator (vinyl)

A1.Gimme All Your Lovin 3:59A2.Got Me Under Pressure 3:59A3.Sharp Dressed Man 4:13A4.I Need You Tonight 6:14A5.I Got The Six 2:52B1.Legs 4:35B2.Thug 4:17B3.TV Dinners 3:50B4.Dirty Dog 4:05B5.If I Could Only Flag Her Down 3:40B6.Bad Girl 3:16

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Pantera - Official Live:101 Proof (vinyl)

A1.New Level 4:24A2.Walk 5:50A3.Becoming 3:59A4.5 Minutes Alone 5:36B1.Sandblasted Skin 4:29B2.Suicide Note Pt. 2 4:20B3.War Nerve 5:21B4.This Love 3:37C1.Dom/Hollow 3:43C2.I'm Broken 6:57C3.Cowboys From Hell 4:27C4.Cemetery Gates 4:35D1.Strength Beyond Strength 7:53D2.Hostile 3:56D3.Where You Come From 5:11D4.I Can't Hide 2:16

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Iron Maiden - Powerslave (vinyl)

A1.The Ides Of March 1:48A2.Wrathchild 2:54A3.Murders In The Rue Morgue 4:14A4.Another Life 3:22A5.Genghis Khan 3:02A6.Innocent Exile 3:50B1.Killers 4:58B2.Prodigal Son 6:05B3.Purgatory 3:18B4.Drifter 4:47

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Iron Maiden - Somewhere Back In Time-The Best Of 1980-1989 (vinyl)

A1.Churchill's Speech 0:49A2.Aces High (Live) 4:36A3.2 Minutes To Midnight 6:00A4.The Trooper 4:11B5.Wasted Years 5:06B6.Children Of The Damned 4:35B7.The Number Of The Beast 4:53B8.Run To The Hills 3:53C9.Phantom Of The Opera (Live) 7:21C10.The Evil That Men Do 4:34C11.Wrathchild (Live) 3:07C12.Can I Play With Madness 3:31D13.Powerslave 6:47D14.Hallowed Be Thy Name 7:12D15.Iron Maiden (Live) 4:20

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