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Sivi - Devet (cd)

1.Iznad Promene 2.Bledim 3.Sedativ Stvarnosti 4.Sjaj Svetog Vida 5.Ruke 6.Volim Tvoj Svet 7.Sedam Godina (Privid) 8.Ogledala 9.Brooken Tree

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Kontra Komitet - Cepaj Brate (cd)

1.Sistem 2.Istina 3.Glad 4.Bol 5.Cepaj Brate 6.Dop 7.Koma 8.Nema Predaje 9.Robija 10.Seci Uši 11.Živa Rana 12.Kasno Je

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Sade - The Best Of Sade (vinyl)

A1.Your Love Is King 3:41A2.Hang On To Your Love 4:29A3.Smooth Operator 4:16A4.Jezebel 5:23B1.The Sweetest Taboo 4:25B2.Is It A Crime 6:16B3.Never As Good As The First Time 3:58B4.Love Is Stronger Than Pride 4:17C1.Paradise 3:36C2.Nothing Can Come Between Us 3:52C3.No Ordinary Love 7:19C4.Like A Tattoo 3:36D1.Kiss Of Life 4:10D2.Please Send Me Someone To Love 3:40D3.Cherish The Day 6:17D4.Pearls 4:35

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Rare Earth - One World (vinyl)

A1.What'd I Say 7:15A2.If I Die 3:32A3.The Seed 3:34A4.I Just Want To Celebrate 3:35B1.Someone To Love 3:48B2.Any Man Can Be A Fool 3:36B3.The Road 3:35B4.Under God's Light 4:52

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Rare Earth - Get Ready (vinyl)

A1.Magic Key 3:50A2.Tobacco Road 7:10A3.Feeling Alright 5:00A4.In Bed 3:00A5.Train To Nowhere 3:20B1.Get Ready 21:30

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Fleetwood Mac - The Pious Bird Of Good Omen (vinyl)

A1.Need Your Love So Bad 3:50A2.Coming Home 2:38A3.Rambling Pony 2:40A4.The Big Boat 2:35A5.I Believe My Time Ain't Long 2:55A6.The Sun Is Shining 3:10B1.Albatross 3:10B2.Black Magic Woman 2:46B3.Just The Blues 5:35B4.Jigsaw Puzzle Blues 1:33B5.Looking For Somebody 2:50B6.Stop Messin' Round 2:18

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Derek And The Dominos - Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs (vinyl)

A1.I Looked Away 3:04A2.Bell Bottom Blues 5:06A3.Keep On Growing 6:22A4.Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out 4:57B1.I Am Yours 3:32B2.Anyday 6:37B3.Key To The Highway 9:47C1.Tell The Truth 6:45C2.Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad? 4:50C3.Have You Ever Locpved a Woman 6:51D1.Little Wing 5:23D2.It’s Too Late 3:45D3.Layla 7:10D4.Thorn Tree In The Garden 2:51
PLOČA 5-OMOT 5-Made in Germany

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J.J.Cale - Okie (vinyl)

A1.Crying 2:35A2.I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me) 2:22A3.Starbound 1:57A4.Rock And Roll Records 2:07A5.The Old Man And Me 2:02A6.Everlovin' Woman 2:07B1.Cajun Moon 2:17B2.I'd Like To Love You Baby 2:47B3.Anyway The Wind Blows 3:20B4.Precious Memories 2:07B5.Okie 1:54B6.I Got The Same Old Blues 2:57
PLOČA 5-OMOT 5-Made in Italy

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J.J.Cale - Naturally (vinyl)

A1.Call Me The Breeze 2:34A2.Call The Doctor 2:25A3.Don't Go To Strangers 2:26A4.Woman I Love 2:40A5.Magnolia 3:22A6.Clyde 2:27B1.Crazy Mama 2:30B2.Nowhere To Run 2:24B3.After Midnight 2:23B4.River Runs Deep 2:41B5.Bringing It Back 2:43B6.Crying Eyes 3:14
PLOČA 5-OMOT 5-Made in Germany

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Genesis - Abacab (vinyl)

A1.Abacab 7:02A2.No Reply At All 4:14A3.Me And Sarah Jane 6:00A4.Keep It Dark 4:34B1.Dodo / Lurker 7:30B2.Who Dunnit? 3:22B3.Man On The Corner 4:27B4.Like It Or Not 5:58B5.Another Record 4:30

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Genesis - Duke (vinyl)

A1.Behind The Lines 5:30A2.Duchess 6:36A3.Guide Vocal 1:20A4.Man Of Our Times 5:32A5.Misunderstanding 3:12A6.Heathaze 4:58B1.Turn It On Again 3:48B2.Alone Tonight 3:55B3.Cul-De-Sac 5:04B4.Please Don't Ask 4:00B5.Duke's Travel 8:39B6.Duke's End 2:06

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Genesis - Wind & Wuthering (vinyl)

A1.Eleventh Earl Of MarA2.One For The VineA3.Your Own Special WayA4.Wot Gorilla?B1.All In A Mouse's NightB2.Blood On The RooftopsB3.'Unquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers...B4....In That Quiet Earth'B5.Afterglow
pLOČA 5-oMOT 5-

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Genesis - And Then There Were (vinyl)

A1.Down And Out 5:13A2.Undertow 4:35A3.Ballad Of Big 4:37A4.Snowbound 4:20A5.Burning Rope 6:52B1.Deep In The Motherlode 5:02B2.Many Too Many 3:22B3.Scenes From A Night's Dream 3:21B4.Say It's Alright Joe 4:09B5.The Lady Lies 5:53B6.Follow You Follow Me 3:51
ploča 5-omot 5-

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Genesis - The Lamb Lies On Brodway (vinyl)

A1.The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 4:50A2.Fly On A Windshield 4:55A3.Broadway Melody Of 1974 2:10A4.Cuckoo CocoonA5.In The Cage 8:20A6.The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging 2:45B1.Back In N.Y.C. 5:40B2.Hairless Heart 2:25B3.Counting Out Time 2:25B4.Carpet Crawl 4:55B5.The Chamber Of 32 Doors 5:30C1.Lilywhite Lilith 2:40C2.The Waiting Room 5:25C3.Anyway 3:10C4.Here Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist 2:58C5.The Lamia 6:55C6.Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats 3:05The Colony Of Slippermen (8:00)D1.1.The Arrival D1.2.A Visit To The Doktor D1.3.Raven D2.Ravine 3:20D3.The Light Dies Down On Broadway 3:30D4.Riding The Scree 3:55D5.In The Rapids 2:20D6.It 6:40
Ploče 5-Omot 5-Made In Germany

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Genesis - Live (vinyl)

A1.Watcher Of The Skies 8:10A2.Get 'Em Out By Friday 8:58A3.The Return Of The Giant Hogweed 8:07B1.Musical Box 10:33B2.The Knife 9:12
Ploča 5-Omot 5-Made In Germany

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Elvis Presley - Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits (vinyl)

A1.Heartbreak Hotel 2:06A2.I Was The One 2:30A3.I Want You, I Need You, I Love You 2:37A4.Don't Be Cruel (To A Heart That's True)  2:02A5.Hound Dog 2:17A6.Love Me Tender 2:40B1.Anyway You Want Me 2:12B2.Too Much 2:30B3.Playing For Keeps 2:50B4.I'm All Shook Up 1:58B5.That's When Your Hearteches Begin 3:20B6.Loving You 2:15C1.(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear 1:43C2.Jailhouse Rock 2:30C3.Treat Me Nice 2:11C4.I Beg Of You 1:52C5.Don't 2:48C6.Wear My Ring Around Your Neck 2:15C7.Hard Headen Woman 1:52D1.I Got Stung 1:50D2.A Fool Such As I 2:36D3.A Big Hunk O'Love 2:12D4.Stuck On You 2:17D5.A Mess Of Blue 2:38D6.It's Now Or Never 3:12E1.I Gotta Know 2:14E2.Are You Lonesome To-Night? 3:07E3.Surrender 1:51E4.I Feel So Bad 2:54E5.Little Sister 2:30E6.Can't Help Falling In Love 2:59F1.Rock-A-Hula Baby 1:58F2.Anything That's Part Of You 2:03F3.Good Luck Charm 2:23F4.She's Not You 2:07F5.Return To Sender 2:05F6.Where Do You Come From 2:05F7.One Broken Heart For Sale 1:34G1.You're The Devil In Disguise 2:18G2.Bossa Nova Baby 1:58G3.Kissin' Cousins 2:12G4.Viva Las Vegas 2:17G5.Ain't That Loving You Baby 2:20G6.Wooden Heart 1:58H1.Crying In The Chapel 2:22H2.If I Can Dream 3:08H3.In The Ghetto 2:44H4.Suspicious Minds 4:22H5.Don't Cry Daddy 2:43H6.Kentucky Rain 3:20H7.Elvis Sails (Interviews) 2:50

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The Doors - Morrison Hotel (vinyl)

Hard Rock Cafe A1.Roadhouse Blues 4:04A2.Waiting For The Sun 3:58A3.You Make Me Real 2:50A4.Peace Frog 2:52A5.Blue Sunday 2:08A6.Ship Of Fools 3:06Morrison Hotel B1.Land Ho! 4:08B2.The Spy 4:15B3.Queen Of The Highway 2:47B4.Indian Summer 2:33B5.Maggie M'Gill 4:24

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Mike Oldfield - Crises (vinyl)

A1.Crises 20:40B1.Moonlight Shadow 3:37B2.In High Places 3:33B3.Foreign Affair 3:53B4.Taurus 3 2:25B5.Shadow On The Wall 3:08

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Ray Parker Jr. - Sex And The Single Man (vinyl)

A1.Girls Are More Fun 4:45A2.Good Time Baby 4:37A3.Everybody Wants Someone 4:42A4.I'm A Dog 4:41B1.One Sided Love Affair 3:58B2.Sex And The Single Man.4:19B3.I'm In Love 4:38B4.Men Have Feelings Too 4:28
ploča 5-omot 5-made in usa

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Commodores - Nightshift (vinyl)

A1.Animal Instinct 4:54A2.Nightshift 5:03A3.I Keep Running 4:11A4.Lay Back 5:01B1.Slip Of The Tongue 3:53B2.Play This Record Twice 4:22B3.Janet 3:41B4.The Woman In My Life 3:34B5.Lightin' Up The Night  4:02
Ploča 5-Omot 5-made in germany

750,00 din

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