OST - New York New York

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1. Main Title, Includes: Theme From New York, New York / You Are My Lucky Star / Just You, Just Me / The Man I Love (Medley) Ralph Burns 
2. You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me Liza Minnelli
3. Flip The Dip Ralph Burns 
4. V.J. Stomp Ralph Burns
5. Opus Number One Ralph Burns 
6. Once In A While Liza Minnelli
7. You Are My Lucky Star Liza Minnelli
8. Game Over Ralph Burns 
9. It's A Wonderful World Ralph Burns 
10. The Man I Love Liza Minnelli 
11. Hazoy Ralph Burns
12. Just You, Just Me Liza Minnelli 
13. There Goes The Ball Game Liza Minnelli  
14. Blue Moon Robert De Niro/Mary Kay Place  
15. Don't Be That Way Ralph Burns  
16. Happy Endings Liza Minnelli/Larry Kert   
17. But The World Goes 'Round Liza Minnelli  
18. Theme From New York, New York Ralph Burns 
19. Honeysuckle Rose Diahnne Abbott 
20. Once Again Right Away Ralph Burns  
21. Bobby's Dream Ralph Burns 
22. Theme From New York, New York Liza Minnelli  
23. Theme From New York, New York (Orchestral Reprise) Ralph Burns

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