Butcherian Vibe 11

170,00 din

and it brings on 72 pages:
36 interviews with bands such are (sorted alphabetically):
A Perfect Murder, Amoral, Beecher, Cathedral, Centinex, Chris Caffery, Circus Maximus, Criminal, Dark Funeral, Darkane, Darkest Hour, Detonation, Dew-Scented, Dimmu Borgir, Exodus, Fear Factory, Fear My Thoughts, Immolation, Machine Men, Marduk, Minus The Bear, Necrophagist, Old Man's Child, Opeth, Presto Ballet, Rain Delay, Secret Spehere, Siebenbürgen, Sieges Even, Steve Hackett, The Duskfall, The Old Dead Tree, The Tea Party, Vicious Rumors, Vile, Withered 
Metal musicians poll + News + Special : Ladies, Queens and Sluts of Heavy Metal+ Disco Stu's column + Domestic Metal Informer + Live reports+ more than 200 reviews (albums, DVD's, books, movies, games) + Comic + Soundcheck + Opeth, Old Man's Child, Sieges Even color posters
and is professionally printed on high quality glossy paper