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Shirley Bassey - Something (CD)

1. Something  
2. Spinning Wheel  
3. Yesterday I Heard The Rain  
4. The Sea And Sand
5. My Way 
6. What About Today  
7. You And I  
8. Light My Fire  
9. Easy To Be Hard 
10. Life Goes On
11. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?  
12. Yesterday, When I Was Young
13. The Fool On The

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Salvatore Adamo - 20 Chansons Dor (CD)

1. Tombe La Neige
2. Le Barbu Sans Barbe 
3. A Demain Dur La Lune 
4. J'Ai Rate le Coche
5. Viens Ma Brune 
6. J'Aime
7. Inch' Allah 
8. Les Filles du Bord de Mer
9. Une Larme aux Nuages 
10. Ton Nom 
11. Vous Permettez Monsieur?
12. A Vot' Bon Coeur 
13. La Nuit 
14. Mes Mains Sur Tes Hanches
15. C'est Ma Vie 
16. Le Neon 
17. J'Avais Oublie Que Les Roses Sont des Roses 
18. Petit Bonheur 
19. Quand Les Roses 
20. Une Meche de Cheveux

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Paul Anka - The Best Of (CD)

1. Let Me Get To Know You 
2. Flashback 
3. (You're) Having My Baby (with Odia Coates) 
4. One Man Woman/ One Woman Man (with Odia Coates) 
5. I Don't Like To Sleep Alone (with Odia Coates) 
6. (I Believe) There's Nothing Stronger Than Our Love 
7. Times Of Your Life 
8. Anytime (I'll Be There) 
9. Make It Up To Me In Love (with Odia Coates) 
10. Happier 
11. My Best Friend's Wife 
12. Everything Is Super Now 

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Nat King Cole - Vol.2 (CD)

1.What Is This Thing Called Love
2.How High The Moon
3.Its Almost Like Being Love
4.Embraceable You
6.Gee Baby Aint I Good To you
7.After You Gonne
8.the Firm Fram Sauce
9.Body And Soul
10.Ive Found A New Baby
11.These Things Money Cant Buy
12.Straighten Up And Fly Right

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Nat King Cole - Singles (CD)

1. Lush Life  
2. Jet   
3. Somewhere Along The Way  
4. Because You're Mine  
5. Faith Can Move Mountains  
6. Pretend  
7. Mother Nature And Father Time  
8. Can't I? 
9. Tenderly 
10. Smile  
11. A Blossom Fell  
12. Dreams Can Tell A Lie  
13. Too Young To Go Steady  
14. Love Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow
15. To The Ends Of The Earth   
16. Time And The River
17. That's You 
18. That Sunday, That Summer  
19. Look No Further 
20. People

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Nat King Cole -  Re Generation (CD)

1. Lush Life (Cee-Lo) 
2. Straighten Up and Fly Right ( & Natalie Cole) 
3. Day In Day Out (Cut Chemist)  
4. Brazilian Love Song (Michaelangelo L'Acqua & Bebel Gilberto) 
5. The Game of Love (Nas & Salaam Remi) 
6. Walkin' My Baby Back Home (The Roots) 
7. Hit That Jive, Jack (Souldiggaz & Izza Kizza) 
8. Calypso Blues (Stephen & Damian Marley) 
9. More and More of Your Amour (Bitter:Sweet)  
10. El Choclo (Brazilian Girls) 
11. Pick-up (Just Blaze)  
12. Anytime Anyday Anywhere (Amp Fiddler)
13. Nature Boy (TV On The Radio)

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Gilbert Becaud - 20 Chansons Indispensables (CD)

1. Mes Mains
2. La Ballade des Baladins
3. Le Jour Ou la Pluie Viendra 
4. Les Marches de Provence 
5. Et Maintenant
6. Dimanche a Orly
7. Nathalie
8. L' Orange
9. Quand il Est Mort le Poete
10. Je T'Appartiens
11. Je Reviens Te Chercher
12. Les Cerisiers Sont Blancs
13. L' Important C'est la Rose
14. La Solitude, Ça N'Existe Pas
15. Un Peu d'Amour et d'Amitie
16. Seul Sur Son Etoile
17. L' Indifference
18. Desiree
19. C'est en Septembre
20. Crois Moi Ça Durera 

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Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock (cd)

Jailhouse Rock Treat Me Nice I Want To Be Free Don't Leave Me Now Young And Beautiful (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care Jailhouse Rock (Movie Version) Treat Me Nice (Movie Version) I Want To Be Free (Movie Version) Young And Beautiful (Movie Version) Don't Leave Me Now (Alternate Master) Love Me Tender Poor Boy Let Me We're Gonna Move Love Me Tender (End Title Version) Let Me (Solo) We're Gonna Move (Stereo Take 9) Poor Boy (Stereo) Love Me Tender (Stereo)

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Charles Aznavour - She - The Best Of (CD)

1. She 
2. Yesterday When I Was Young 
3. The Happy Days 
4. La Boheme 
5. How Sad Venice Can be 
6. No, I Could Never Forget 
7. Happy Anniversary 
8. You've Got To Learn 
9. I Didn't See The Time Go By 
10. And In My Chair 
11. There Is A Time 
12. You've Let Yourself Go 
13. The Old Fashioned Way 
14. Take Me Along 
15. To My Daughter 
16. The Sound Of Your Name 
17. It Will Be My Day 
18. Ave Maria 
19. What Makes A MAn 
20. They Fell

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Charles Aznavour - La Boheme (CD)

1. La Bohème
2. Aime-Moi
3. Quelque Chose Ou Quelqu'un
4. Ca Vient Sans Qu'on Y Pense  
5. Plus Rien  
6. Il Viendra Ce Jour  
7. Paris Au Mois D'août   
8. Sur Le Chemin Du Retour   
9. Il Fallait Bien 
10. Parce Que Tu Crois  
11. La Route   
12. Sarah  
13. Je T'aime Comme Ça  
14. Ay (Mourir Pour Toi)   
15. L'amour À Fleur De Coeur   
16. C'est Merveilleux L'amour 
17. Jezebel 
18. A Propos De Pommier

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Charles Aznavour - Autobiographie (CD)

1. Corps
2. Je Ne Connais Que Toi
3. Ca Passe
4. Mon Ami Mon Judas
5. Mon Emouvant Amour
6. Autobiograhie
7. L' Amour Bon Dieu l'Amour
8. Allez Vai Marseille
9. Je Fantasme
10. Le Souvenir de Toi
11. Estre
12. Rien Moins Que T'Amour
13. Une Vie d'Amour
14. Un Vie d'Amour
15. Une Vie d'Amour

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Bing Crosby - At His Best (CD)

1.Thats What Life Is All About
2.We ve Only Just Begun
3.The Best Things In Life Are Free
4.The More I See You
5.A Little Love And Understanding
7.Send In The Clowns
8.How Are Things In Glocca Morra
9.You ve Got A Friend
10.The Way We Were
11.Paris Holliday
12.Spring Spring Spring
13.In The Cool Cool Cool Of The Evening
14.A Couple Of Song And Dance Men
15.I Love To Dance Like They Used To Dance
16.My Resistance Is Low
17.Hello Dolly
18.Heat Wave
19.Breezin Along With The Breeze
20.What I Did For You

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