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Madrugada - Industrial Silence (vinyl)

A1.VocalA2.BeautyproofA3.ShineA4.HigherB5.SirensB6.Strange Colour BlueB7.This Old HouseB8.ElectricC9.SaltC10.BelladonnaC11.Norwegian Hammerworks Corp.C12.Quite EmotionalD13.TerraplaneD14.WheelchairD15.MoveD16.Sweet Simone

4.000,00 din

Marvin Gaye - Whats Going On (vinyl)

A1 What's Going On A2 What's Happening Brother A3 Flyin' High (In The Friendly Sky) A4 Save The Children A5 God Is Love A6 Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) B1 Right On B2 Wholy Holy B3 Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

3.700,00 din

Metallica - Metallica (Black Album) (vinyl)

  A1 Enter Sandman 5:29 A2 Sad But True 5:24 A3 Holier Than Thou 3:47 B1 The Unforgiven 6:26 B2 Wherever I May Roam 6:42 B3 Don't Tread On Me 3:59 C1 Through The Never 4:01 C2 Nothing Else Matters 6:29 C3 Of Wolf And Man 4:16 D1 The God That Failed 5:05 D2 My Friend Of Misery 6:47 D3 The Struggle Within 3:51

6.400,00 din

Metallica - Ride The Lighting (vinyl)

A1 Fight Fire With Fire A2 Ride The Lightning A3 For Whom The Bell Tolls A4 Fade To Black B1 Trapped Under Ice B2 Escape B3 Creeping Death B4 The Call Of Ktulu

4.300,00 din

Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells (vinyl)

A.Tubular Bells (Part One) 25:30B.Tubular Bells (Part Two) 23:18

3.000,00 din

Miki Radojević - Na kraju skitanja (vinyl)

A1.Izvini A2.Humoreska A3.Počeo Je Kraj A4.Da SAm Makar Vuk A5.Tony B1.Pamti Se Samo Fail B2.Obala B3.Vratiće Se Vrapci B4.Na Kraju Skitanja

2.800,00 din

Miles Davis - Merci Miles (VINYL)

A1.HannibalA2.JailbaitB1.Time After TimeB2.WrinkleC1.Human NatureD1.PenetrationD2.AmandlaD3.Finale (Band Only)

4.200,00 din

Minstrel - Zalazak (vinyl)

A1 Hrana 3:25 A2 Glavno Pitanje 3:43 A3 Pola 4:21 A4 Vazduh 3:59 A5 Opet Mesec 3:31 A6 Mi Smo Minstrel 3:29 B1 Laž 3:39 B2 Osrednji 3:22 B3 Izbor 3:28 B4 Uvek Isto 3:04 B5 Prilika 4:12

2.000,00 din

Modern Talking - Back For Gold (vinyl)

A1.Brother Louie (I'm A Lover) (New Version 2017) 3:20A2.You're My Heart You're My Soul (New Version 2017) 3:31A3.Cheri Cheri Lady (New Version 2017) 3:41A4.You Can Win If You Want (New Version 2017) 3:25A5.Atlantis Is Calling (New Version 2017) 3:12A6.Geronimo's Cadillac (New Version 2017) 3:22B1.Modern Talking Pop Titan Megamix 2k17 (Full Long Version) 8:19B1-1.One and Only SuperheroB1-2.Brother LouieB1-3.You’re My Heart You’re My SoulB1-4.You Can Win If You WantB1-5.Cheri Cheri LadyB1-6.Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love)B1-7.OutroB2.Modern Talking Pop Titan Megamix 2k17 (3-Track DJ Promo) 5:06B2-1.One and Only Superhero (Intro)B2-2.Brother Louie (New Version 2017)B2-3.You’re My Heart You’re My Soul (New Version 2017)B2-4.You Can Win If You Want (New Version 2017)B2-5.OutroB3.Modern Talking Pop Titan Megamix 2k17 (Chorus Short Mix) 4:38B3-1.One and Only Superhero (Intro)B3-2.Brother Louie (New Version 2017)B3-3.You’re My Heart You’re My Soul (New Version 2017)B3-4.You Can Win If You Want (New Version 2017)B3-5.Cheri Cheri Lady (New Version 2017)B3-6.Atlantis Is Calling (New Version 2017)B3-7.Outro

3.500,00 din

Morcheeba - Big Calm (vinyl)

A1.The SeaA2.Shoulder HolsterA3.Part Of The ProcessA4.BlindfoldA5.Let Me SeeB1.Bullet ProofB2.Over And OverB3.FrictionB4.Diggin' A Watery GraveB5.Fear And LoveB6.Big Calm

3.000,00 din

Negative - Negative (vinyl)

A1 Ja Bih Te Sanjala 3:48 A2 Vesela (I To Je Moj Svet) 3:00 A3 Oblaci 3:08 A4 Svet Tuge 3:43 A5 Sex 3:45 B1 Ti Me Ne Voliš 2:36 B2 Vreme Je 2:36 B3 Laž 4:26 B4 Uspavanka 3:27 B5 Abrakadabra (Baracuda) 2:43

2.500,00 din

Neil Young - Harvest Moon (vinyl)

A1.Unknown LegendA2.From Hank To HendrixA3.You And MeA4.Harvest MoonB1.War Of ManB2.One Of These DaysB3.Such A WomanC1.Old KingC2.Dreamin' ManC3.Natural Beauty

3.300,00 din

Neil Young - Neil Young (cd)

The Emperor Of Wyoming 2:14The Loner 3:55If I Could Have Her Tonight 2:15I've Been Waiting For You 2:30The Old Laughing Lady 5:05String Quartet From Whiskey Boot Hill 1:04Here We Are In The Years 3:27What Did You Do To My Life? 2:00I've Loved Her So Long 2:40The Last Trip To Tulsa 9:25

1.200,00 din

New Order - Movement (vinyl)

A1.Dreams Never EndA2.TruthA3.SensesA4.Chosen TimeB1.ICBB2.The HimB3.Doubts Even HereB4.Denial

2.800,00 din

Obojeni Program - 2121=41 (vinyl)

A1 Danas Će Se Desiti Nešto Lepo A2 Jedini U Maštu Veruju A3 Ona Samo Pleše B1 Vrlo Jednostavno B2 Umeš Li Da Upravljaš Sa Vremenom B3 Kuda Ovaj Čovek Ide  

2.200,00 din

One Republic - Oh My My (vinyl)

A1 Let's Hurt Tonight A2 Future Looks Good A3 Oh My My A4 Kids B1 Dream B2 Choke B3 A.I. B4 Better C1 Born C2 Fingertips C3 Human C4 Lift Me Up D1 NbHD D2 Wherever I Go D3 All These Things D4 Heaven

3.500,00 din

Orthodox Celts - One Two 5 (vinyl)

A1.The Sparrow Song 2:58A2.Two Faces 2:46A3.What's Goin' On 3:24A4.Sarah 2:18A5.Can't Say Another Prayer 4:42A6.Freedom Cry 3:40B1.Pain For Sale 4:35B2.Queen Of The Day 2:38B3.Native Ground 2:52B4.Your Song 4:21B5.Fields Of Athenry 4:30

3.000,00 din

Oružjem Protivu Otmičara - BarbiCue (vinyl)

A1.Januar 2:56A2.Dobra Ideja 3:12A3.Vidim Se 4:37A4.Neurotica 2:23A5.Na Biciklu 3:37A6.Amnezija 4:07B1.U Koloru 3:19B2.Mladiću Moj 3:12B3.Saša Ajdanov 3:50B4.Pesma Za Mene 4:09B5.Kućni Duhovi 2:47B6.1000 4:56

2.300,00 din

OST - Kill Bill Vol.1 (vinyl)

A1.Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)A2.Charlie Feathers – That Certain FemaleA3.Luis Bacalov – The Grand Duel (Parte Prima)A4.Bernard Herrmann – Twisted NerveA5.Lucy Liu and Julie Dreyfus – Queen Of The Crime CouncilA6.The RZA – Ode To Oren IshiiA7.Isaac Hayes – Run Fay RunA8.Al Hirt – Green HornetA9.Tomoyasu Hotei – Battle Without Honor Or HumanityB1.Santa Esmeralda Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood / Esmeralda SuiteB1a.Don't Let Me Be MisunderstoodB1b.Esmeralda SuiteB2.The's – Woo HooB3a.The RZA – CraneB3b.Charles Bernstein – White LightningB4.Meiko Kaji – The Flower Of CarnageB5.Zamfir – The Lonely ShepherdB6.Uma Thurman, David Carradine and Julie Dreyfus – You're My Wicked Life

2.500,00 din

Otis Redding - Dock Of The Bay Session (vinyl)

A1.(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The BayA2.Think About ItA3.Hard To HandleA4.The Happy Song (Dum-Dum)A5.Love ManA6.Direct MeB1.I've Got Dreams To RememberB2.Champagne And WineB3.Pounds And Hundreds (Lbs + 100s)B4.I'm A Changed ManB5.Gone AgainB6.Amen

2.800,00 din

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