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38 Special - Tour De Force (vinyl)

If I'd Been The One 3:54 Back Where You Belong 4:27 One Time For Old Times 4:31 See Me In Your Eyes 3:49 Twentieth Century Fox 3:44 Long Distance Affair 3:55 I Oughta Let Go 3:57 One Of The Lonely Ones 4:00 Undercover Lover 4:12   PLOCA 5- OMOT 4

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Abba - Arival (vinyl)

A1.When I Kissed The Teacher 3:00A2.Dancing Queen 3:50A3.My Love, My Life 3:52A4.Dum Dum Diddle 2:53A5.Knowing Me, Knowing You 4:02B1.Money, Money, Money 3:05B2.That's Me 3:15B3.Why Did It Have To Be Me 3:20B4.Tiger 2:55B5.Arrival 3:00

ploča 4omot 4

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ABC - The Lexicon Of Love (vinyl)

A1.Show Me 4:03A2.Poison Arrow 3:24A3.Many Happy Returns 3:58A4.Tears Are Not Enough 3:31A5.Valentine's Day 3:42B1.The Look Of Love (Part One) 3:29B2.Date Stamp 3:51B3.All Of My Heart 5:18B4.4 Ever 2 Gether 5:34B5.The Look Of Love (Part Four) 1:02
ploča 4+omot 4

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Adam And The Ants - Kings Of The Wild Frontier (vinyl)

Dog Eat Dog "Antmusic" Feed Me To The Lions Los Rancheros Ants Invasion Killer In The Home Kings Of The Wild Frontier The Magnificent Five Don't Be Square (Be There) Jolly Roger Making History The Human Beings   PLOCA 5- OMOT 5-  

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Al Bano & Romina Power - Vincerai-Their Greatest Hits (vinyl)

A1.Vincerai 5:05A2.Tu Soltanto Tu 4:20A3.We'll Live It All Again 4:13A4.Dialogo 3:12A5.Ci Sara 3:38A6.Sempre, Sempre 4:00A7.Il Poeta (Yunus Emrè) 4:38B1.Che Angelo Sei 3:29B2.Sharazan 4:36B3.Prima Notte D'Amore 2:57B4.Felicita 3:23B5.Nel Sole 3:50B6.Liberta 4:23B7.Nessun Dorma 3:36
ploča 5-omot 5-MADE IN GERMANY

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Al Martino - Daddys Little Girl (vinyl)

A1.Daddy's Little Girl A2.Mary In The Morning A3.The Wheel Of Hurt A4.My Cup Runneth Over A5.This Is My Song A6.She'll Always Love You B1.Born Free B2.I Love You And You Love Me B3.Once Upon A Time B4.Somewhere In This World B5.A Woman In Love

ploča 4omot 5-

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Amanda Lear - I Am A Photograph (vinyl)

A1 Blood And Honey 4:50 A2 Alphabet (Prelude In C By J.S. Bach) 4:00 A3 These Boots Are Made For Walkin' 3:18 A4 Tomorrow 4:10 A5 Pretty Boys 2:55 B1 Queen Of China-Town 4:15 B2 Alligator 4:35 B3 The Lady In Black 3:30 B4 I Am A Photograph 4:25 B5 Blue Tango 2:40     ploca 5- omot 5-

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Annabel Lamb - Once Bitten (vinyl)

Riders On The Storm 6:00 Once Bitten 3:17 Take Me In Your Arms 3:27 Heartland 3:22 Backwards Through The Looking Glass 4:26 Dividing The Spoils Of Love 5:12 Hold Fast 3:46 Snake Pliskin 2:22 Missing 4:14 No Cure 4:50   ploča 5- omot 5-

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Asia - Asia (vinyl)

A1.Heat Of The MomentA2.Only Time Will TellA3.Sole SurvivorA4.One Step CloserA5.Time AgainB1.Wildest DreamsB2.Without YouB3.Cutting It FineB4.Here Comes The Feeling

Ploča 5-Omot 5-

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Ayllu - Caminos Del Ande (vinyl)

Mineros Sikuriada Santiago Lakitas Imilla San Juanito Sonqoynanaska Puñales Karipuyo Torrecito Valicha Sikuriada Pandilla Puneña Chilli   PLOCA 5- OMOT 5-

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Bangles - Everything (vinyl)

A1.In Your Room 3:28A2.Complicated Girl 3:38A3.Bell Jar 3:20A4.Something To Believe In 4:20A5.Eternal Flame 3:56A6.Be With You 3:01B1.Glitter Years 3:39B2.I'll Set You Free 4:27B3.Watching The Sky 4:11B4.Some Dreams Come True 3:25B5.Make A Play For Her Now 3:45B6.Waiting For You 3:36B7.Crash And Burn 2:36

ploča 5-omot 4+

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Barry Manilow - One Voice (vinyl)

One Voice 3:01(Why Don't We Try) A Slow Dance 4:16Rain 4:48Ships 4:06You Could Show Me 1:45I Don't Want To Walk Without You 3:54Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed 4:36Where Are They Now 3:59Bobbie Lee (What's The Difference, I Gotta Live) 3:32When I Wanted You 3:31Sunday Father 2:51

ploča 5-omot 5-made in USA

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Bee Gees - High Civilization (vinyl)

A1.High Civilization 5:28A2.Secret Love 3:43A3.When He's Gone 5:58A4.Happy Ever After 6:17A5.Party With No Name 4:54B1.Ghost Train 6:05B2.Dimensions 5:28B3.The Only Love 5:37B4.Human Sacrifice 5:43B5.Evolution 5:40

Ploča 5-Omot 5-
Made In Germany

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Benny Anderson-Tim Rice-Bjorn Ulvaeus - Chess (vinyl)

Merano 6:59 The Russian And Molokov / Where I Want To Be 6:19 Opening Ceremony 9:18 Quartet (A Model Of Decorum And Tranquillity) 2:17 The American And Florence / Nobody's Side 5:25 Chess 5:44 Mountain Duet 4:42 Florence Quits 2:52 Embassy Lament 1:30 Anthem 3:05 Bangkok / One Night In Bangkok 5:00 Heaven Help My Heart 3:29 Argument 1:51 I Know Him So Well 4:15 The Deal (No Deal) 3:54 Pity The Child 5:31 Endgame 10:46 Epilogue: You And I / The Story Of Chess 10:24     ploča 5- omot 5-

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Bijelo Dugme - Doživjeti stotu (vinyl)

A1.Doživjeti StotuA2.LovaA3.Tramvaj Kreće (Ili Kako Biti Heroj U Ova Šugava Vremena)A4.Hotel, MotelA5.Pjesma Mom Mlađem Bratu (Iz Niša U Proljeće '78)B1.Čudesno Jutro U Krevetu Gđe PetrovićB2.Mogla Je Biti Prosta PričaB3.Ha, Ha, HaB4.Zažmiri I BrojB5.Pristao Sam Biću Sve Što Hoće

ploča 4+omot 4+

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Billy Ocean - Love Zone (vinyl)

A1.When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going 5:43A2.Love Zone 5:34A3.Without You 5:00A4.There'll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry) 4:50B1.Bitter Sweet 5:00B2.It's Never Too Late To Try 4:50B3.Showdown 4:53B4.Promise Me 4:33B5.Love Is Forever 4:15
ploča 5-omot 4

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Billy Thorpe - Stimulation (vinyl)

A1.Just The Way I Like It 3:49A2.No Rules On The Road 4:52A3.Rock Until You Drop 4:50A4.You Touched Me 3:45A5.Let Me Outta Here 3:56B1.Syndrome D.O.A. 5:51B2.L.K.O. 3:39B3.Face In The Mirror 3:29B4.Stimulation 5:17
Ploča 5-Omot 5-made in holland

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Billy Vaughan and His Orchestra - Golden Billy Vaughan (vinyl)

A1.Theme From A Summerplace 2:35A2.Red Sails In The Sunset 2:00A3.Stranger In The Shore 2:06A4.Wheels 2:03A5.Wonderland By Night 2:57A6.Moonlight Bay 1:50B1.Petite Fleur 2:35B2.Harbour Lights 2:06B3.Sail Along Silvery Moon 1:59B4.Look For A Star 2:15B5.It's A Lonesome Old Town 2:16B6.Pearly Shells 2:15

ploča 4+-omot 4+made in italy

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Blue Zoo - 2 By 2 (vinyl)

Cry Boy Cry 4:26John's Lost 3:23Far Cry 3:30(You Can) Count On Me 3:34Love Moves In Strange Ways 4:22(I Just Can't) Forgive And Forget 3:25I'm Your Man 3:53Open Up 3:38Can't Hold Me Down 4:40Something Familiar 3:47


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Bob Dylan - Self Portrait (vinyl)

A1.All The Tired Horses 3:11A2.Alberta No. 1 2:55A3.I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know 2:22A4.Days Of 49 5:42A5.Early Mornin' Rain 3:31A6.In Search Of Little Sadie 2:26B1.Let It Be Me 2:58B2.Little Sadie 1:58B3.Woogie Boogie 2:06B4.Belle Isle 2:28B5.Living The Blues 2:41B6.Like A Rolling Stone 5:14C1.Copper Kettle 3:32C2.Gotta Travel On 3:04C3.Blue Moon 2:26C4.The Boxer 2:45C5.The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo) 2:54C6.Take Me As I Am 2:59D1.Take A Message To Mary 2:44D2.It Hurts Me Too 3:16D3.Minstrel Boy 3:29D4.She Belongs To Me 2:42D5.Wigwam 3:08D6.Alberta No. 2 3:20
Ploča 5-Omot 4 (posveta)

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