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50 Cent - Befote I Self Destruct

1. The Invitation   
2. Then Days Went By  
3. Death To My Enemies   
4. So Disrespectful   
5. Psycho   
6. Hold Me Down   
7. Crime Wave
8. Stretch
9. Strong Enough 
10. Get It Hot
11. Gangsta's Delight   
12. I Got Swag  
13. Baby By Me (Featuring Ne-Yo)  
14. Do You Think About Me  
15. OK, You're Right   
16. Could've Been You

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Body Count - Body Count

1. "Smoked Pork"
2. "Body Count's in the House" 
3. "Now Sports" 
4. "Body Count" 
5. "A Statistic" 
6. "Bowels of the Devil" 
7. "The Real Problem" 
8. "KKK Bitch" 
9. "C Note"  
10. "Voodoo"  
11. "The Winner Loses" 
12. "There Goes the Neighborhood" 
13. "Oprah"  
14. "Evil Dick"  
15. "Body Count Anthem"  
16. "Momma's Gotta Die Tonight" 
17. "Out in the Parking Lot" 
18. "Cop Killer" 

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Cypress Hill - Rise Up

     1. It Ain't Nothin' (feat. Young De) Cypress Hill featuring Young De     2. Light It Up Cypress Hill     3. Rise Up (feat. Tom Morello) Cypress Hill featuring Tom Morello       4. Get It Anyway Cypress Hill    5. Pass The Dutch (feat. Evidence and The Alchemist) Cypress Hill featuring Evidence and The Alchemist       6. Bang Bang Cypress Hill      7. K.U.S.H. Cypress Hill      8. Get 'Em Up Cypress Hill       9. Carry Me Away (feat. Mike Shinoda) Cypress Hill featuring Mike Shinoda     10. Trouble Seeker (feat. Daron Malakian) Cypress Hill featuring Daron Malakian     11. Take My Pain (feat. Everlast) Cypress Hill featuring Everlast   12. I Unlimited Cypress Hill    13. Armed And Dangerous Cypress Hill     14. Shut 'Em Down (feat. Tom Morello) Cypress Hill featuring Tom Morello   15. Armada Latina (feat. Pitbull and Marc Anthony) Cypress Hill featuring Pitbull and Marc Anthony  

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Eminem - The Marshall 2 Mathers LP

cd 1   Bad Guy Parking Lot (skit)  Rhyme Or Reason  So Much Better  Survival Legacy  Asshole [feat. Skylar Grey]  Berzerk  Rap God Brainless Stronger Than I Was  The Monster [feat. Rihanna]  So Far...  Love Game [feat. Kendrick Lamar]  Headlights [feat. Nate Ruess]  Evil Twin    cd 2   Baby  Desperation [feat. Jamie N Commons] Groundhog Day  Beautiful Pain [feat. Sia]  Wicked Ways  + Digital Booklet: The Marshall Mathers LP2

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Ice T - Original Gangster

1 Home Of The Bodybag 2 First Impression 3 Ziplock 4 Mic Contract 5 Mind Over Matter 6 New Jack Hustler 7 Ed 8 Bitches 2 9 Straight Up Nigga 10 O.G. Original Gangster 11 The House 12 Evil E - What About Sex? 13 Fly By 14 Midnight 15 Fried Chicken 16 M.V.P.s 17 Lifestyles Of The Rich And Infamous 18 Body Count 19 Prepared To Die 20 Escape From The Killing Fields 21 Street Killer 22 Pulse Of The Rhyme 23 The Tower 24 Ya Shoulda Killed Me Last Year  

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Mc Hummer - The Hits

1. U Can't Touch This 
2. Addams Groove 
3. Too Legit To Quit 
4. This Is The Way We Roll 
5. Pray 
6. Turn This Mutha Out 
7. Gaining Momentum 
8. Do Not Pass Me By 
9. Let's Get It Started 
10. They Put Me In This Mix 
11. Black Is Black 
12. Help The Children 
13. Pump It Up (Here's The News) 
14. Have You Seen Her 
15. U Can't Touch This (Club Version) 
16. Feel My Power 
17. Yo! Sweetness 

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Pharrell - In My Mind

1. Can I Have It Like That 
2. How Does It Feel?
3. Raspy Shit 
4. Best Friend
5. You Can Do It Too
6. Keep It Playa n
7. That Girl   
8. Angel 
9. Young Girl/I Really Like You
10. Take It Off (Dim the Lights) 
11. Stay with Me
12. Baby
13. Our Father
14. Number One

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Pitbull - Global Warming

Global Warming Don't Stop the Party Feel This Moment Back in Time (featured in "Men In Black 3") Hope We Meet Again Party Ain't Over Drinks for You (Ladies Anthem) Have Some Fun Outta Nowhere Tchu Tchu Tcha Last Night I'm Off That Timber That High Do It Sun in California All the Things

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Soul II Soul - The Club Mix Hits

1. A Dream's A Dream (Club Dub) 
2. Fairplay (Freestyle Horns) 
3. Get A Life (Club Mix) 
4. Jazzie's Groove (Original Lp Version) 
5. I Care (12 Master) 
6. Joy (Club Mix 7 Edit) 
7. Just Right (Club Mix) 
8. Love Enuff (Todd Terry House Mix) 
9. Move Me No Mountain (Club Mix) 
10. Wish (Juni Mix) 
11. Missing You (The Healer Mix) 
12. Feel Free (12) 
13. Back To Life (However Do You Want Me) (Accapella) 

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